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Thread: Token Box Idea

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    Token Box Idea

    I'm finding that the bags in the token box is not the best way of sorting tokens. I am wondering if the makers of FG have thought about a different way of sorting all the many different tokens a GM is likely to have?

    Maybe in an "expert mode" form the token box could display named "token bags/folders" with sorted named tokens.

    eg: in my token box I could have a bag named "Room Elements" and inside it I have toeksn of doors, tables, chairs, etc etc etc. I could then have another bag called "Monsters" and inside it I have all my creature tokens, etc.

    I like it how I can see the tokens in the box, but when I have a lot of tokens, it gets... cluttered. and its then that I kind of wish it was a text based list.
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    Yeah, simple tree style listing of the folders/images would be great to have..

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    This has come up more than once in the past.
    I guess we can wait and see if it is addressed in the 1.06 version.
    If not we'll keep on wrestling with the FG team until they can give us an alternative.

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    Within the Tokens folder in the FG folder, create sub-folders, and name them to those things (and sub-sub folders, etc, depending on the level of depth). Move the tokens to the appropriate folders. When you start FG, there will be bags set up with all your tokens in them, named the same as the folders. You can hover your mouse to see the names of the bags.

    Keep in mind that any moving of tokens you have done in the Token box in FG are stored in the usersettings folder in whichever campaign you had open when you moved the tokens. There will be a file called tokens_<YourName>.

    If FG will not start after you have sorted the tokens into folders in the Tokens folder in the FG folder, you need to delete that file (the tokens_<YourName>) , and then start FG again.

    Hope this helps you organize your tokens a bit.


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    We already know that..

    We want a better way to organize them... the token bags, looks cool, but functional, it is kind of pain...

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    I also agree that it would be helpful. One way I've found to mitigate this problem is to sort my tokens using windows file manager in any hierarchy I want, then create folders (bags) for each encounter and copy the tokens for that encounter to them. When I'm done I have a bag for each adventure and within them a bag for each encounter, etc. That way when I get to each encounter I have everything that I need in 1 bag and it usually isn't cluttered. Since my encounters are numbered in order, so are my bags so I can just go from one to the next in the sorted list.

    Of course this is of no help if you are doing things on the fly but it has saved me alot of time as I'm never searching for a token while running the game. And if you plan everything ahead of time, it essentially offers the exact same functionality we are talking about because in file manager you can view by thumbnails or names and create any structure you want.
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    I like the token bags and would be disappointed if the devs changed that part of the program.
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    varlik that is a good idea.

    I wish we could tie tokens to specific modules and this idea would be even better. Aren't they suppose to be doing something with tokens in 1.06?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wraith
    I like the token bags and would be disappointed if the devs changed that part of the program.
    Agreed! I don't want windows functions, I want the look and feel of the desktop.

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