FG License: Standard
Time Zone: UTC-03:00 (1 hour ahead of EST)
Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: I am free 90% of the time, and LF a weekly group
Term: Long term is truly prefered, but can do a series of oneshots if its the same group
Voice: Can use whatever voice chat. already have discord and ts.

Game System Preferred: D&D 5E, and adventurers league.
Game System Experience: I have completed the Lost mines. I am fairly new!
Fantasy Grounds Experience: I know the basics of how to play. i am sure there are a few extras that may help convenience but i can functionally play with FG.

Character Type Preferred: Wizard is my favorite class. i really like the necromancer feel. i found one spec of fighter, the Blood Thrall, that sounds awesome if there is a dm that would accept it. i can play anything if necessary. as both necromancer and blood thrall i would have a lawful neutral alignment.

About me: i do not have much expirience playing D&D, except a complete and utter paperless game two friends and i "played" when we were 9 years old. it was really pure imagination that we did a terrible job keeping track of in retrospect but we had fun. I recently got FG and played the lost mines with a fantastic group! i played wow on a rp pvp server for about 2 years and did a decent amount of rping as my death knight for the horde. i enjoy rping my biggest issue is settling into my character. once i build a connection with my character i easily get into character. i like a balance of rp and combat, i don't want to do one much more than another but if one session consisted of a majority of one i am okay with that as long as it doesn't become too consistent. i think a 60-40 balance either way is a great average but if there are sessions occasionally consisting of a different balance than that's fine. i love problem solving but within reason to the story. i like to be emerged into the story and feel rp can really help that. I am looking for a game that i feel i can progress in without doing the same thing over and over. i really liked wow and i fell inlove with my death knight and warlock but i hated running the same exact raid every week for months just to get one piece of gear better. i liked doing world pvp because the guild i was in was rping and we commanded the battles with tactics, but you don't receive rewards from that. so eventually i got frustrated and felt like i can't improve in the game and enjoy it at the same time. i don't have pet peeves yet but if any arise i will let you know.

The two personalities i truly have rped and enjoy, are the honorable knight who has no fear of death but a huge fear of his fellow warriors not always being impressed with him; who will charge into 100 bandits long before he will see his "friends" be disappointed with him and his actions. he always views himself as the best warrior and works to no end if he isn't, constantly training and working with the warrior better than him until he is confident that he can cut him down at any moment. Or one who uses magic to break the bonds of our morality to gain the power to "fix" the world as he sees fit. who has a twisted vision of right and wrong and looks so far ahead into the future he deems most life today as forsaken and pitiful. Despite this gloom look on life and his hatred for most people, he loves the 1% of people so much he finds that life is worth saving. He just has no problem condemning the 99% he sees as "unworthy".

I am looking for a long term group which is fun to chill with! i am really easy going and pretty flexible! please PM me if you are interested or have any questions! take care.