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    Forgotten Realms 5e Open World Campaign (4 Players Max)

    FG License: Ultimate
    Game System: D&D 5e

    Time Zone: EDT/EST
    Day of week and time: Sun mornings @ 7am
    Planned Duration & Frequency: 3-4 hours, weekly, long term
    Text or Voice: Discord Voice (Text for RP using FG languages)

    In week 4 of the campaign, need one player to make the group whole again. It's a great group I must say.

    Thank you,

    DM Tozz
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    Leaning towards sunday morning at 7 or 7:30am

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    Quick gaming background: In just about any MMO I've ever played I either went straight for the Mage or the Healer classes. This is also my lean when playing Tabletop RPG's though lately my favor has shifted toward Cleric/Paladin types where I can be in melee as well as a healer. In regard to DnD rules I have only limited/rudimentary knowledge of how it runs. That is, I have been in 3 sessions with the DnD5e rules and about 6-8 other sessions with 4e and World of Darkness rules. I should put in that I own the DnD5e Player Handbook.

    Your dream character description: I have always wanted to play a lich-like character. I wanted to be something akin to a reanimated human/elven skeleton mage that retained its sense of self and morality. Perhaps his ressurection in this manner was a whim/punishment of a death god or perhaps because there is a task that must be completed. I had imagined that this character is striving to maintain a facade of normalcy by using disguise and illusion to blend in among others while attempting to complete the task given to him. "Death" could have its own sense of humor, I can see potential drama/comedy from the undead trying to be "alive" in order to meet the demands of their master.

    Times you're able to commit to on Sat or Sun mornings: I am GMT -8 or Pacific Standard Time which I believe puts me at 3 hours ahead of you. I'm basically willing to start at 9am your time or a few hours later (Which translates to 6am or later for me)

    Earliest available start date: I'm ready when you are, or rather starting the weekend after Mother's Day, say May 20th.

    What forgotten realms content you've played or run: Unfortunately I do not believe I have any experience with forgotten realms that I can recall clearly.
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    I'm thinking we'll be starting earlier than that unfortunately.

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    To help with time zone conversion... this link shows a Sunday 7am eastern start time converted around the world.

    Examples... it is ... noon in London, 5pm in Athens, 8pm in Tokyo, and 9pm in Sydney.

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    Thats 4:00 am my time haha.... but almost worth it

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    Sent a PM to you, ideal time for me!

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    Group is full, thank you everyone for your interest.

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    Thank you everyone.
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