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    Recruiting: Kingmaker Thursday Evening Campaign

    “The land rush is on! Sent south by Brevoy, the heroes have the unenviable task of venturing into the infamous Stolen Lands and annexing the territory, facing down monsters, bandits, and worse. It's hard enough to conquer territory—but does a ragtag band of adventures have what it takes to found and defend a burgeoning kingdom from the terrors of the wild?
    The Kingmaker Adventure Path takes the heroes from encounters with mysterious bandit lords and barbaric raiders through the trials and tribulations of developing and defending their new settlement in the notoriously lawless River Kingdoms. Yet when war comes to the Stolen Lands in earnest, it's up the heroes to take up a mystical blade and stand tall against the horrors of man, beast, and strange creatures more dangerous than either...”

    GM: Stratton Liberty aka DMReckless (Fantasy Grounds License: Ultimate)

    Players: Open recruitment for 4-6 PCs. To be considered, PCs must adhere to the Character Construction Guidelines below. Since the GM has Ultimate License, Players are not required to have Fantasy Ground License, but must download and install demo version.

    Recruitment: Now through May 25th. Selections will be announced by the 27th.

    Gameplay: Thursdays 6:30-9:30pm Eastern ST (some flexibility on starting time, ending is pretty hard set; have work early morning Fridays.) with a planned starting date of June 1st. This is a long-term campaign.

    Game System: Pathfinder Official Releases

    Campaign: Kingmaker Adventure Path

    Player’s Guide: Link

    Combat/Social: 40/60-ish Looking for players who enjoy intraparty interactions and can role-play amongst each other. This is also a very Sandbox and political campaign with lots of opportunities for players to craft their own subplots, diplomacy, negotiation, and even monologuing. If people wish to interact and/or collaborate in the recruiting thread, this will be looked upon as a positive sign during recruitment.

    Materials: I will be using the officially released version of the Pathfinder Rules, including the campaign. Additionally, I will be supplementing with material from Legendary Games’ Cold Mountain and Horns of the Hunted. I plan on crafting some homebrew to interact with the plots and plans instigated by the players, as I want this to be a very “Sandboxy” game. That said, I wil also be using random encounters in the wilderness and knowing when to run could be a vital survival skill.

    Fantasy Grounds (loud bard epic gate), Discord Channel Will consider teamspeak, skype or no-voice/chat only if there are stronger preferences among players.

    Because there’s Kingdoms to conquer and brand new licenses to celebrate!

    Plus, there’s a Kraken in them thar hills! (inside joke)

    [bigger]Character Construction:[/bigger]
    This is kind of a celebration of the new licenses, so we are going to stick with what can be built with those vehicles.

    Sources allowed: Core Rule Book, Advanced Players Guide, Kingmaker Player’s Guide. If it’s not in one of these books, you can’t use it to build your character. We will be using Hero Points and Traits from these sources. As Smiteworks adds more official content, I’ll be opening the campaign to those sources as well.

    Attributes: Going Old School on attributes.15 point buy, no attribute below 8 after racial adjustments. Alternatively, you can roll 4d6-Lowest in order (first roll assigned to STR, next to DEX, etc.) (minimum point buy 20 for this method or reroll until you get at least a 20 point buy.) These rolls to be made on Paizo website recruiting thread found here: Paizo cross-post

    Alignments: LG,NG, CG, or LN

    Hit Points: Max at 1st, rolled with a minimum of ˝ HD (3 on d6, 4 on d8, 5 on d10 6 on d12) after that.

    Feats: At 3rd level and every 3 levels thereafter, PCs will gain a bonus Teamwork Feat. The one requirement is that at least 2 PCs must choose each Teamwork Feat gained. (For example, in a group of 6 PCs, 4 could go with 1 Feat and the other 2 with a different one.)

    Additionally, every PC may choose 1 Feats at first level from among the following as a Bonus Feat (they must meet the prequisites): Arcane Talent, Breadth of Experience, Childlike, Deepsight, Deft Hands, Eagle Eyes, Eclectic, Elven Accuracy*, Fight On, Fleet, Great Fortitude, Improved Stonecunning, Iron Will, Ironguts, Ironhide, Keen Scent, Leaf Singer, Lightning Reflexes, Low Profile*, Lucky Halfling, Razortusk, Shared Insight, Sharp Senses, Steel Soul, Stone-Faced, Stone Singer, Well-Prepared.

    Characters also gain one of the following Feats at first level: Acrobatic, Alertness, Athletic, Deceitful, Magical Aptitude, Persuasive, Self-Sufficient, Sociable, Stealthy. The skills associated with these Feats become Class Skills for the PC and she gains a free Rank in each of these skills each level.

    Traits: Choose 1 campaign trait and 1 trait from the APG. These traits should be incorporated into the PC’s background story

    Background: Write a 2+ paragraph of your character’s background. Use the Player’s Guide as a reference for this; anything you put into your background will probably be used as seeds for future plot points.

    Personality: Describe three or more characterizing features of your character: at least a motivation, a quirk, and a weakness.
    Appearance: Link a pic that can be used as a portrait/token for your character

    Desired Kingdom Role: As we will be using Kingdom Building Rules (see the Player’s Guide) for this campaign, what Kingdom Role do you see your PC fulfilling?

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    Hello I am very interested in applying for this campaign and will get to work right away. One question I will be missing for two Thursdays in June specifically the 15th and 22nd as I will be on a road trip. If you wish me to not apply please let me know.

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    Please go ahead and apply.

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    For tracking purposes:
    Brother Fen Salnyon Medvyed, the Steelrider. Human Druid of Gorum
    Magic Blast (dice rolled)
    Lokiel Elrin Soustaile Half-Elf Fighter(Archer)
    Lokiel’s Friend Addicus Soustaile Half-Elf Rogue (Poisoner)
    Alaric the Barbarian/All Seeing Eye Newton Marakov Human Wizard (Conjurer)
    JMG021283 Jin Stonewood Dwarf Druid
    Gwenivere ? Human Cleric of Sinashakti
    Ramza0Tyr interest
    Greenleaf101 interest

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    As a reminder, recruiting for this game ends in two days.

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