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    Wed night D&D 5e group with room for 1-2 more

    Greetings! We are a long standing group new to Fantasy Grounds (migrated from Roll20) with need of one additional player, possibly two, for an ongoing campaign. Currently playing through Princes of the Apocalypse campaign and the party is nearly level 7. We are a family friendly group looking for a player to add a fun, light-hearted personality into our pretty lax group. We all have kids and tend to keep the language PG-13ish with fun roleplay and crazy antics. We play nearly every Wednesday at 7pm PST. Group has all core classes already so really any class would add value. If interested, please post a little about yourself, because personality and availability are the most important aspect for us as we use this game as a form of fun.

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    First, welcome to the Fantasy Grounds family. I think you're going to like it here. It's an active, affirming community.

    Second, you will probably maximize your success of finding what you're looking for if your game ad follows the recommended game posting template found here. It is by no means required, but it is pretty tried and true.

    Anyway, welcome! I hope you find some good players to fill your empty seats.

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    hey wednesday is great for me i sent you a pm!

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    I'm interested as well.

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    Hello, I'm interested as well, please PM me if there's still an opening

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    Player Name: Frank Dempsey
    Age: 36
    Timezone: Eastern Time Zone
    D&D Experience: Over 16 years
    Availability: Always available, I never miss a game.

    Personal Information:
    I'm a military veteran.
    I first started playing D&D back in 2002
    back when I joined the Army and have been
    playing ever since. I'm the type of guy who
    enjoys roleplaying and I like to immerse
    myself into my character
    Discord: Dempsey#1230

    Character Information:
    Character Name: Dawson Synthairus
    Character Race: Human
    Character Class: Fighter
    Class Archetype: Battlemaster
    Background: Noble Knight
    Character Alignment: Lawful Good
    Character Personality: Dedicated, Brave

    Character Backstory:
    Dawson is a member of a knightly order known as the Battlemasters, an elite order dedicated to the protection and defense of the innocent.
    Never knowing his parents Dawson was dropped off when he was born, Dawson was taken in and raised with a member of the Battlemasters.
    Years passed by, and when Dawson was old enough, The Battlemasters began his training. Dawson soon became one of the best students the
    Battlemasters had ever seen. After years of hard training, Dawson became a Battlemaster, making Dawson the youngest Initiate to ever complete the trials.
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    My partner and I would be interested in joining and have several character options that we would be happy to discuss.

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    This post is dated May 11th, 2017, 11:40. Doubt they're still looking.
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