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Thread: total noob

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    total noob

    ok im not sure if i should make a intro. bur meh.
    hi im Clare im mute Scottish and been trying to get in to D&D for years.

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    Hi Clare welcome to the forums, you will find everybody really friendly around here. Ask questions and see about joining a game maybe? I don't play D&D, myself, but there are many here who do

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    Hello! Shouldn't be much of an issue to find a D&D game here. It is kind of ironic that the first two that respond to you r post don't play D&D (I prefer other systems as well), but I think you'll find a game in that vein fairly easily.

    If you drop down a couple of categories on the forums , to the LFG area, there's tons of games looking for players.
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    thanks guys. i want to play everything.

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    check out the forums as suggested and it cant hurt to check out the Discord channel....EVENTUALLY i will have a new weekend 5e game, the one i am running is going to be ending soon and when it does i will start a new one, if you still need a game then you are more than welcome to join us
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    Welcome to the forums Clare. I assume you're looking for a text based game?
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    Welcome to the asylum!

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    Welcome to FG!
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    Welcome to FG. I have found it to be a great community, paying forward. hello!
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    Welcome Clare. We have tons of game systems and people also always running one shots. When you show interest in games it is always good to state your timezone and what days work best for you.

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