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    Creating Character classes in new pathfinder format

    Is there a tutorial out there somewhere on creating new character classes in the new pathfinder format. I'd like to build a War priest Character class that levels like the like the classes in the core rulebook.

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    Zacchaeus made an excellent video you can find here that shows how to do it. It uses D&D 5E, but it's the same method.

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    Thanks very helpful. Still can't figure out how to get the spells per day to work. For the core class this auto populates but not for the class I'm creating. Any thoughts?

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    I made an exact duplicate of the wizard class and that didn't automatically fill the spells per day, so you may have to just update that manually for custom classes unless you edit the XML file. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me will have a better solution for you.

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    Spells per day are controlled (in the 5e ruleset so possibly also in PF) by an ability called <spellcasting> granted at either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd level. D&D 5e has a more standardized system of multiclassing and spells per day, so the system is hard coded into the ruleset. It may be that the PF spells per day is to diverse among classes to do this automatically.

    But just in case, make sure your spellcasting ability is called "Spellcasting" and see if that fixes it.
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    The Pathfinder code looks specifically for a class feature called "Spells". (different than "Spellcasting" for 5E)

    The wording must contain "must have a <ability> score equal to" or "must have an <ability> score equal to" in order for the ability to be pulled, and for the spell feature to be considered valid.

    Spell slots are specifically added by class name, and have to be coded into the ruleset at this point. This is because there is very little standard for spell slot progression in 3.5E. (Each of these have their own progression: cleric/druid/witch/wiz, alc/bard/inq/summ, ora/sorc, pal/rgr, adept, ***, blackguard)


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    @Moon Wizard thanks that makes sense.

    Anyone know how to create new class features like the core rule book has under special abilities?...all coded xml I presume so just add manually?

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    What I did is add them as story entries, extracted them form the db.xml, did a search replace to change them to Class Features and stuck them in a "Special Abilities" reference section of a module.

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    I think it is also possible to add them as Class Features with a ZERO in the level. This will not add them to the character sheet when you add levels of the class, but you can drag them in manually. This would also work.

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    If they are added automatically, then they should be added as class features with the appropriate level they are gained (1-20).
    If they are optional, then swbuza's second option is probably the easiest. Add as a class feature with a level value of zero.


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