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    Actionable Roleplaying Tips: Preparing to Homebase

    Hey folks. Here's the second post in my series.


    Sound off with any thoughts. Hope this is of value to a few of you!

    Edit: Just included the link instead of embedding it.
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    I get "invalid blog" message when I try link

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    Huh. The link works fine for me. Anyone else?

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    now, if I click on your blog entries link, then I can get to a blog

    just not thru the link on the post itself

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    K. Edited it to include the link directly instead of embedding it. Work now?

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    OK. That was strange. So it was a draft. I went to edit it, but there was no 'publish' button available. So I just created a new entry and deleted the old one. Weird.

    Everyone see it now? I put the link at the top, but here it is again.


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    Note: Blog posts aren't linked.

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    yah it works now

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