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    Attention, Help Wanted: Paladins (Order of the Gauntlet), we need you!

    We need you if you can play a decent Paladin, Male or Female! Most races are acceptable.

    If you go with the Paladin, you will be supported and commissioned to Rauvinwatch Keep near Silverymoon. We are about 40/60 on RP vs Combat. You will be taking over Sir Brand's duties. He has been recalled by his superiors in the 'Order of the Gauntlet' Faction to deal with a personal matter of his in the game. You will get a Warhorse with light barding (armor). You start at 3rd level with a contract of gold and authority. We start at 9:30 AM PST., Saturdays. Please research the Silverymoon areas, as well as the Silver Marches region. Our date in the game is 1498 DR. If you are down, you will get your formal conscription, which explains your duties and your allowances. You should also seek out (in game) a squire or helper soon. You will be a replacement for Sir Brand from the Order of the Gauntlet. If you do not want all this noble Knight stuff, I would advise a dwarven,half-elf, or elf warrior type. In this manner, it is more relaxed and not as orderly.The non-nights are staffed and garrisoned in Rauvinwatch keep, but are not bound by the strict rules of knighthood. Nonetheless, they still serve the same purpose to protect the region, they report to the council or the Lord's Alliance. Politically, the Knights from the Order of the Gauntlet owe a favor and some man power to the Lord's Alliance... thus, that is why you are there in the Silver Marches as a knight. If you are a fighter type in service to the Argent Legion, you are a part of the Lord's Alliance in service to the Silver Marches and Silverymoon Proper. There is a big festival (Greengrass) rapidly approaching the Silverymoon area and security, protection, and help are needed!

    Style: Fantasy 98%, Tech 2%
    Ratio/ Balance 60% Gaming, 40% Role-play
    Worlds :Forgotten Realms- Sword Coast Regions
    Rule-sets: 5e SRD, 5e Core, 3rd Party or custom rules or adding must be discussed. Please no home-brew stuff for now.

    Chat Client: Discord (Instant Invite: https://discord.gg/R26AK77) My username: AnAindie!#7210
    Fantasy Grounds 3.3.0

    Characters must be approved by DM initially.
    Starting levels 1-3. Make a backup PC, or a henchman if it makes sense.
    Gaming goals: Twice Per month. Saturday or Sunday
    Game lengths might be: 2-4 hours per session.

    My experience is with 1st Edition to present as a DM.

    Disclaimer: *I am NOT out to kill PC's , eliminate certain gamer types, meta-game or over-analyze the game mechanics. Will drop players if too rude, or disruptive.*


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    I am down.

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    How much Dnd do you know? Are you familiar with Fantasy Grounds? How much are you familiar with the Forgotten Realms. Do you own the required content to keep your PC going? I want to know something about you.

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