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    LFG 1 Player LF Evening Game (Flexible) EST US - Prefer 5e

    FG License: Full
    Time Zone: EST
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Weekdays - Evenings, Weekends - Flexible, Prefer weekly sessions but could do more.
    Term: Short or Long. I would prefer to find a dedicated group though.
    Voice: I can do voice, and video if required

    Game System Preferred: D&D 5e
    Game System Experience: I've played lo0se homebrew of 3 or 3.5 in middle school, and played through a 4e starter kit maybe 8 years ago. I would consider myself a complete newbie. I do have extensive RPG experience in video game form, and know the basics of D&D.
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: None, except for a few videos explaining the software and a short 40min video from polygon.

    Character Type Preferred:
    I typically play rouge-ish characters, but would be willing to try anything.

    About me:

    Hi, I'll go by Goldfsh for the time being. I'm relatively new to tabletop RPGs other than some very unofficial games/experiences with the D&D rule set. I have played a ton of RPG video games (including baulders gate, champions of norrath, pillars of eternity) that to me, have a D&D feel. I work a normal 8-5 job, so I would only be available in the evenings during the week, but I'm fairly flexible on the weekends. I've always wanted to get in to D&D, but it has been hard to find and work with any local groups. I've decided to pick up the core books for 5e and make a real effort to learn the game and find a group to play with.

    I would like to find a group that plays once or twice a week, with a good balance of humor, problem solving and rp. If you have a group lfm, post here or PM me, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can (probably within a few hours at the most). Thanks everyone!
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    I've found a game for Fridays at 8PM EST (played my first game with them yesterday), but would also like to potentially add another game over the weekend (weekly or bi weekly). Let me know if you're looking for players!

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