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    Hello, I don't want to be a pest... I just notice things, not really major. Today's session we found:

    1.A.50 Meeting the Competition; Dog Soldier's: there is a space in Halflings & Halfling in the description. Was kinda funny when I was reading it out loud during session.

    1.A.18 Akhentepi's Burial Chamber; Akhentepi's Armor; Spell Failure says 4, should be 5. and the AC should be +2. It is a +1 enhanced on top of a +1 for padded armor.

    Have a great weekend!

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    1) Pathfinder Core Rules SPECIAL ABILITIES chapter entry has double descriptions in the reference document
    2) The Charge ability also has double entries in the reference document
    3) The Helpless Defender entry has double descriptions in the reference document
    4) Several NPC's in the SRD Bestiary have 0 for their CR ratings making them useless when adding to the encounters because you have to manually add the CR rating for the totals.
    5) Pathfinder Harrow Deck "the Carnival" image file says its invalid.
    6) Pathfinder - Core rulebook reference manual repeats "nonlethal Damage" under the Actions in Combat section, the description is copied twice on same page.

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