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    I'm having issues with the warpriest class in the advanced class guide, when I or one of my players makes a character with the class it does not seem to add the spellcasting class into the actions tab we are having to add it ourselves.

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    Pathfinder Monster Codex and Pathfinder Ultimate Wilderness have a swathe of errors which I assume is from the parser

    many creatures have an erroneous "-" within their type at the start
    Screenshot 2021-09-28 224120.jpg

    and some don't have their Type fully parsed

    Screenshot 2021-09-28 224134.jpg
    which is missing everything

    these are new developments, since what changes were pushed last time, and seem to be endemic to the whole module

    although shown as Monster Codex the exact same errors occur in Ultimate Wilderness too, again, since the last update to these modules (I expect if other modules use the same parser, then these errors would also be present, though I dont have the heart to comb through right now)
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