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    LFG, 1 Player, CDT Weeknights after 7pm or any time Sat and Sun, 5e

    FG License: Standard
    Time Zone: CDT in US
    Time available: I am available Weeknights after 7pm (CDT) or any time on Sat and Sun (CDT) ; I prefer weekly but will settle for bi-monthly as well
    Term: willing to join in-progress or new campaign
    Voice: voice or text, no preference

    Game System Preferred: 5e
    Game System Experience: 4e (Player and DM experience), 3.5e (extremely little experience and forgot most of it)
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: None

    Character Type Preferred: I prefer playing tanky multiclass with abilities to counter/resist magic (I like playing well rounded unspecialized characters that can pick up slack if any specialized members falter in group. I generally ignore and sacrifice charisma completely, but I still enjoy social encounters.); however, I'm willing to roll a tank, healer, wizard, ranged or melee Damage Dealer if it gets me a spot in a great group. In fact I'm willing to fill any role except Warlock, Sorcerer, Ranger, or Druid; with the flavor of those class types being too awkward for me.

    About me: I'm a 29 year old Male. I like heavy combat and heavy roleplay. I can be quiet most of the time, but I am still engaged and paying attention. I am fairly punctual, and my attendance in past DnD campaigns was near perfect; I hope I can find a DM that is as well. I don't like the Critical Failure penalties (i.e. stabbing yourself or party in foot on a nat1), but am willing to try out your game even if you use them.
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