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    Fantasy Grounds No Longer Accepting Outside Connections

    I've been hosting the Lost Mines of Phandelver campaign for some friends of mine for several months with great success. Our previous session was on April 22nd, and everyone connected in just fine. However, when I attempted to run the campaign for our session last night, suddenly the Connection test is registering as Failed.

    I ended up canceling our session as I tried to get this resolved. Here are the tests I attempted (first time through was on my desktop):

    1. Create a new campaign and attempt to the connection test. FAILURE
    2. Go to CanYouSeeMe.org and check whether or not the port is visible to the outside. Failure due to timeout
    3. Verified that there were no changes to my Norton 360 firewall rules. No changes had been made. Deleting and recreating the rule resulted in continued failure.
    4. Verified Windows Firewall was not running. FAILURE
    5. Turned off Norton 360's firewall. FAILURE
    6. Used the command line command netstat -an |find "1802" to determine what, if anything, on my machine was causing the block. No results found. Verified the command was correct by using port 80 in the same command which I knew was being used and received expected results.
    7. Contacted my ISP (Spectrum) and had them attempt to open the port network wide on their side. Port had never been blocked on that side and all tweaks to the router to fix the error resulted in continued failures.
    8. Attempted to use Hamachi per FAQ suggestion. FAILURE
    9. Purchased a month's subscription to HMA and attempted to run the connectivity test. FAILURE
    10. Repeated steps 1-6 on my laptop on my usual network connection. FAILURE
    11. Repeated steps 1-6 on my laptop on a different network connection. FAILURE

    I'm getting pretty frustrated to be honest. I've already read through the FAQ and the sticky "GM Connection Issues - Tried Everything" thread. I was planning to attempt to call the ISP again tomorrow to see if maybe I just didn't have a very good technical support guy, but I figured I might as well send out feelers here as well to see if anyone else had any suggestions since this failing not just on one machine but two along with attempting on two separate networks seems to suggest something's gone wrong with the program itself yet the CanYouSeeMe results imply it's a blocked port.

    I am currently running a Windows 10 68-bit machine with Norton 360 running the firewall. (Windows Firewall is disabled.) Exceptions have been made in both firewalls to allow FantasyGrounds free access to all network connections and Port 1802 has been specifically unblocked as well.

    Any suggestions on what I should try next would be very welcome.

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    Sent to you. Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Just bumping this up in case someone else has any suggestions. damned is trying to help me which I very much appreciate, but our vastly-different timezones are making it difficult to sync up. I just don't want him to stress over it too much.

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    did you get the Creators Update? i have heard some issues with it.
    I wear glasses so im kinda blind, i might have missed it, have you tried going through your router settings yourself?
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    Please type tracert in a command prompt on your GM computer and post the results of the first 4 hops here.

    Additionally, when you tried using HMA what exact steps did you follow? Did you make sure that the HMA network was set as private- it usually starts as public and so FantasyGrounds.exe is usually blocked on public networks.

    For HMA try again, but follow the 5 steps here exactly: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...l=1#post334825
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