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    Adding Multiple images to a campaign not showing Mac OS X

    I am trying to figure out how to add custom images to a campaign where the image has two strings in the name. For example Bugbear Archer and Bugbear Brute. If I name the first image with a space in them like Bugbear Archer.png the image is picked up and listed on the images tab. When I add more images with the same first word then only the last image in the folder shows up. So Bugbear Archer.png and Bugbear Brute.png in the images folder.

    If I name the files with an underscore instead of a space all the images show up. So Bugbear_Archer.png and Bugbear_Brute.png.

    Can anyone tell me why that is? I would prefer to have a space in the name because then the image name in the tab shows as Bugbear Archer, which is prettier than Bugbear_Archer.

    Anyone know how I could accomplish this?

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    I don't know what's causing the underlying file access issue.

    But if you want to change the name once in FG, you can change it in the image window when the image is opened and it's unlocked (click the padlock icon).
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    Ok, that makes sense I will follow that process and just change the name in FG and use the underscores in the directory.

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