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    Summarize all shortcuts

    Is there a document who summarize all keyboard shortcuts ?
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    Not really (that I know of). There is a user guide that comes with FG that isn't as robust as anyone would like. Following release 1.06 SW is going to be releasing online documentation. Hopefully this will cover any shortcuts and give better definition around all the activities you can assign to the function keys.

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    Shortcuts sheet v0.1

    So, i try to create this document.This is my first version (0.1), perhaps that somebody could check if the translation is correct?

    Do not hesitate gave me keyboard shortcuts of which you find!
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    That's comin' along there. Thanks for putting this together.

    The two most notable spelling changes you need to make are "Rool" should be "Roll" and "inteded" should be "intended".

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    Version 0.22

    Here come a new version (0.22), do not hesitate to announce your remark to me.

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    A couple of suggestions

    I've done a few documentation projects for work, so I may have a few comments for you, some of which are probably just language differences (whoo, I can finally make use of my english degree!)

    -Break up the shortcuts into two sections: GM commands and Player Commands. That way you can place all the data that the PC's will need into one area, GMs into another, and people wont have to search through information they don't need to use to find that which they do want to use. (Example: Players dont need to know how to add NPCs, GM doesnt need to know how to whisper to the GM :b). It's trivial, but It could help out a bit. (Heck, if you were feeling adventerous, you could easily make a GM Shortcut card and a Player Shortcut card, completly seperate from each other. Course, you'd be duplicating some work )

    -Whispering to the gamemaster (Player) could probably be just reduced to Whisper to Gamemaster.
    -Whispering to the player probably could be Whisper to Player

    -Place the feelings/emotes/actions, etc commands together. Same with the Types of speech (OOC, Narrator). It's better to group these and let a player see all the related commands in one spot. If you look at it now you have action, vote, buffers, feeling, OOC speech, clear, mood....

    -Throw Dice/add modifier: I'd suggest adding an example of adding the modifier to this as well
    /die #dDiceType [+ Modifier]

    -Another documentation style thing that's worked well in the past: Because you have the + symbol being used for commands (such as dice) your adding NPC and whispering to a player shortcuts might be confusing. A syntax like this might make more sense:
    /id <name of NPC>
    /w <name of player> <message>

    -Last but not least: /help This actually has several shortcuts, you might want to mimic their style of commands and adding arguments.

    This is cool stuff, I'm going to get copies to my players. Thanks for making it

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    Version 0.3 in progress...

    Thanks for your help, Mr_h and Ged !

    I cross all your informations, and i submit you a new version as soon as possible !


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    Version 0.31

    Once again, this is the new version (0.31) of shortcuts sheet!

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    Very cool! Looks a lot better

    Few things:
    Help - I'd probably put this at the top, plus there's a typo It should be "Show slash commands

    I haven't tried it, is Whisper to Player only GM, or can players whisper to each other? If the later is the case, the lil GM icon should be removed next to that command.

    Other then that, very neat stuff, good job

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    Sheet does look great. I've sent it to my players. The only change I would make at this point, and it's a very nit-picky kind of thing... for the series of commands at the top that all involve the Enter key - I think it would improve readability if the Enter Key icons all lined up and then the modifiers came after (or before). I'd probably use Tab instead of the arrows icon, unless Tab only shows up on english keyboards or something.

    I never knew about the easy shortcut for drawing pointers on the map. That's awesome.

    We tried a session last Sunday and we found that the whisper only worked between gm and player. Could be wrong though.

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