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    D&D as a spectator sport?

    Imagine this crowd gathered around a table of people playing D&D instead of a football field:

    That is how many people are watching Critical Role every week. Crazy!

    Image is Mackay stadium in Nevada with a capacity of 26,000.
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    It doesn't matter if you are a into table top RPG's or not, most people enjoy a good story. If the D&D game has an engaging story and/or an engaging group of people playing people will be willing to watch.

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    But, how do we fit all those people in our basement?
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    Well, about all of the critical role players are actors with acting experience, I do think that helps. And offcorse, the storyline.


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    Quote Originally Posted by vodokar View Post
    But, how do we fit all those people in our basement?

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    Would there be betting on your favorite side to win?

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    That's a lot of Funions and Mountain Dew we'll have to bring...

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    Dice, Camera, Action! is another fun D&D game DMed by Chris Perkins that airs on Twitch weekly - Tuesdays 4-6 pm PDT (GMT -7) I think. I guess you would consider the players internet personalities, but they are not actors as far as I know. It's pretty entertaining, and I have actually adopted the 2-hour format for my own games. It really forces you to keep the action coming - you can't waste 20 minutes discussing the watch order!

    YouTube link here for the latest session. You can pretty much jump in anywhere.
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    Well, D&D as a spectator sport is certainly better than Poker, which is televised inexplicably often these days.

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    Matt Mercer is also the voice actor for overwatch with 30 million registered players. I'm sure he brings in a ton

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