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    LFP (1) to join a regular group Friday nights

    FG License: Ultimate license
    Game System: 5E

    Time Zone: Eastern time UTC -5
    Day of week and time: Every 2 Fridays at 21:00 starting Apr 28th
    If new game, planned start date : Joining an existing group, Character start at level 3
    Planned Duration & Frequency : 3-4 Hour session bi-weekly
    Term : Long term, doing the full 6 modules, will bring the character to 20 or very near it

    Text or Voice : Using Discord, more voice than text
    Voice software used : Discord
    Chat open on discord at https://discord.gg/FbMBuxf

    Roleplay & Combat mix : i.e. 40/60.
    Number of Players in game & needed : Have 4 player, need 1 more.
    Character starting level & equipment : Level 3
    Character restrictions: Only core races no dragonborn, tiefling & half orc
    Details of your scenario: Good interaction between players is a must. Please no lawyers player.
    DMed in this :
    Pathfinder,Forgotten realms, Dark sun, Birthright, Ravenloft, Mystara, Own creation
    2e, 3.5 & 5

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    Hello, do you still have a slot available?

    I am new to FG and 5e, but have player experience with 4e and 3.5e. I want to get back into DnD and you seem like a good fit.

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    Good group, we dont use the crit failure feature....yet.

    Hope you´ll make it. Undead and mystery twilight stuff is the theme of our struggles.

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    Belgium Antwerpen
    I would like to join

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