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    LFG 1 Player LF Game any day of the week after 6:30 pm PST US Time Zone prefer 5E

    This posting exists in another thread but the title was not formatted correctly so I am posting again here.

    FG License: Ultimate
    Time Zone: Pacific Time USA
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Monday thru Friday after 6:30pm all day on the weekends. I am looking for a weekly game. (I am currently sitting in on a game happening on Wednesdays as an observer. That game ends at about 7:30pm PST.)
    Term: Mid-Long Term. Out of the Abyss would be a good example but I am not tied to any one adventure.
    Voice: I have Discord and Ventrilo.

    Game System Preferred: 5e since that is what I am building my own campaign in but I also have the Fantasy Grounds ruleset and that system intrigues me.
    Game System Experience: I have not played any game in many years but I am far more familiar with 5e than I am any other system. I have a good grasp of combat and characters so I think I could hit the ground running. Because I have not played in many years I would prefer to play a 1st level character since they are generally easier for newbies or oldbies who have been gone for a good long time.
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Never played in fantasy grounds as a character but have run an npc for a GM in a session (thanks Intruder!) but I am familiar with how the system works from a player’s view. For example, I prefer to drop the dice on my enemies to target them but can use control as well.

    Character Type Preferred: I don’t really have a preferred character class. I can find fun in playing all of them. The same goes with races. I have a fighter, barbarian, sorcerer, rogue, paladin, ranger, warlock, cleric and a barbarian all ready to go at level 1.

    About me: My real name is Kevin and I live in downtown Seattle, WA. I believe I could take the bus to the Wizards of the Coast headquarters! I am an Ultimate license holder and I have all the deluxe PHB, DMG, MM and Volos in Fantasy Grounds. I like to make maps for gaming too. I own ProFantasy software and use it to make maps for my campaign but I also dabble in freehand maps that I then color in Gimp. I think a strong map can add to an encounter.
    I like games where roleplaying is balanced out by combat and I really love a strong story in both areas so I guess 50/50 would be my preference. I would prefer playing with a group that really roleplays there characters though. I’m not saying there can’t be kidding around and real world conversation going on but I want to experience whatever world we are in and roleplaying is one of the primary ways to get that done.
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    Would you be interested in Pathfinder long term campaign, similar to d&d3.5. Saturday 10 pm CST or 8 pm PST. If you are me.

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