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    Mac: Run Fantasy Grounds twice and connect to GM via Localhost

    I am trying to use my Mac in a face to face game to display to my players what a player would see on a TV. I understand it is possible on a PC, but I am having troubles on a Mac using Steam. So my questions are:

    1. Is it possible to run two instances of Fantasy Grounds on a mac through steam?
    2. If so can you use the second instance to connect to localhost to see what a player sees?

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    Try following this discussion. My conclusion is you have to get two installs of FG on the Mac to do it. I use Parallels on my Mac so it is just like Windows.

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    Thank you for that. That thread had exactly what I needed. I was able to get the steam version running with my license then I created a demo version after installing WineBottler and running the installer. I was running into the conflicting license issue but once I ran the winebottler version as demo without a license.

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    Just as a semi-related note, I run Windows in a virtual machine on my Mac via Parallels. I run it in what's called Coherence Mode, which basically makes launched Windows apps behave like native Mac apps. I have Fantasy Grounds installed on the Windows VM, and can launch multiple copies just like you can with a regular Windows machine.

    Parallels is not prohibitively expensive, I think the full price is $70 but they often offer sales. I bought an OEM copy of Windows off eBay for REALLY CHEAP. So there is some up front cost involved, but then you have a virtual copy of Windows you can use for all sorts of other things. For example, I have Campaign Cartographer installed on it.

    Side note: If you decide to go this route, there is an extra step involved with port forwarding.
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    Parallels as a tool makes sense. In my case, however, the Mac is a work Mac and so I am trying to limit the number of software licenses I buy because I don't actually own a Mac. Long term the solution to my problem is to buy a windows laptop or surface pro, but that is a much more expensive proposition than I am ready to embark on at the moment. I am just getting back into GMing after a 2-year hiatus as a player and the new group was into DnD so I was looking for a way to speed up combat in a face to face game and Fantasy Grounds really fit that bill.

    I am really interested in seeing how people play 7th sea 2nd edition on FG, but haven't had time to explore the forums thoroughly to see what is going on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrh18 View Post
    I am really interested in seeing how people play 7th sea 2nd edition on FG, but haven't had time to explore the forums thoroughly to see what is going on.
    MoreCore has one or more rolls suitable to 7th sea. Not sure what the mechanics are for 2nd Edition though.

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    I had been reading something similar. It seems that the Core ruleset plus morecore cover most of 7th sea (at the time I was thinking of making my own ruleset). I just haven't had time to play with morecore yet. I will add it to my todo list though.

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