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    LFG, NEW to FG, Player

    FG License: Steam/Own
    Time Zone: Mountain/USA
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: All
    Term: Any
    Voice: Ordering a replacement mic.

    Game System preferred: 5E, FFG Star Wars
    Game System Experience: Played 5E for a year. Own main core books for FFG Star Wars.
    FG Experience: Just bought and self learning to make a character.

    Character Type: a can fit any role but I would like to play fighter, rogue or Warlock if possible.
    About me: I live right now in the middle of nowhere and difficult to get a game going in person. Still trying to get better at role playing. Not looking for murdering hobo party.
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    Welcome GrimmStories.
    Stay active and visit daily and express your interest on any games that are advertised that fit your availability.
    Dont worry if it takes some time to find a group or even if you have to try a couple of groups to find your niche.
    If you actively work at it you will find a group but GMs will often not post directly on your thread as they have enough players approaching them.

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