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    updating steam_api.dll ERROR - GetPackageFiles: Network: time out Retrying in 10 s

    Hi, hopefully someone will be able to solve this problem. When I go to install the fantasy grounds demo, it gives this message in the advanced log file and the small install screen:

    Getting product settings
    Getting purchase settings
    Fantasy Grounds Updater v3.2.2
    Getting packages from FG server
    Starting update check
    Getting examples from FG server
    Getting purchases from FG server
    Checking package FantasyGroundsUpdater for updates
    updating steam_api.dll
    ERROR - GetPackageFiles: Network: time out
    Retrying in 10 seconds

    updating steam_api.dll
    ERROR - GetPackageFiles: Network: time out
    Retrying in 10 seconds

    I have several friends with this application and would like to purchase it, but if I can't get the demo running... win7 64 bit

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    try the download from the website and not Steam, it will probably work...just go to the home page and the free demo is on there

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    I started out using the Demo from Fantasy Grounds and got the same errors first. Then I went to my Steam account and downloaded the installer/updater and got the same error messages. Thanks.

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    Hmm, this is the first time I've heard of this. Hopefully some of the power users from Australia will be checking in before too long and may be able to help out. If not, you can try reaching out directly to Smiteworks at [email protected], though it will probably be 8-12 hours until they can get back to you as they are located on the east coast of the US and tomorrow is a holiday.

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    The network timeout indicates that the request is not making it to our server. I typically only see this when my Internet connection goes down, but I have seen rare circumstances where security software installed on your machine is intercepting and rewriting URLs (usually some sort of Internet safety or net nanny type software). Check any security software you have and add an exception for Internet access to fantasygrounds.com


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    Flaky Internet connection or anti-virus getting in the way.
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    It was Avast anti-virus. I disabled it for a few minutes while the updater ran. Thanks for such quick and quality responses. The anti-virus had previously given a pop up saying that Fantasy Grounds had been given internet permission. It seems to me that software in general seems to be getting more buggy. progress.. Fantasy Grounds is an amazing program though. I watch my friend Rob2e on Twitch broadcasting Fantasy Grounds games often.

    Thank you so much!

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