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    LFG 5E 1 Player LF Weeknight or weekends games CST Time Zone

    FG License: Currently demo version but ready to buy the standard license anyday now!
    Time Zone: 6PM to 11PM CST
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: I can basically play anyday at night!!
    Term: Looking for any sort of game but I would prefer a stable long term group.
    Voice: I can do voice or chat.

    Game System Preferred: D&D 5E
    Game System Experience: Total noob
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Noob as well

    Character Type Preferred: I generally preffer magic or roguish oriented characters. Fighters could be fun too!

    About me: Hello world!! My name is Rod! (As you could sort of tell by my user xD). RPGs games are my favorite genre out there! I have never played D&D before
    but I have watched a lot of streams and have a general idea of the game! I really enjoy watching it and playing it myself will be so much better! I've tried to
    get groups around my area but they always seem to be full... I'm looking for a cool friendly group to have adventures with. I am a total noob in D&D so if I could
    get someone to teach me how to play that would be amazing! I am also a new with FG but I have been watching tutorial videos! Looking forward to meeting you!!
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    Welcome Rod133.

    Stay active, check the forums every day and post your interest on any threads where GMs advertise games that fit your schedule.

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    Thanks! I have reached out to some DMs so far but no response. I will keep looking

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    Hey man, I run a west marches style game with a pretty active discord community. Feel free to PM me if you're interested

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    Thanks! I have sent you a PM!

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