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    A bunch of questions!!!


    We have a game that goes back to the 70's. (not joking) It is d20 3.5 We have large number of custom classes and prestige classes. Some special spells, and of course treasures. We have adapted alot from Eberron and Arduin, a number of custom races including zabrak and jawas, even the chak. (Big spider people)

    Currently, we have out players spread out across 5 states, and in our current state, some out of reasonable driving range.

    Can we do all this here? And game online together?


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    Hi SparrowHawk, and Welcome! to the Community,

    I don't see why not - you'll have to enter a lot of your custom information in manually, but it should be doable. At its very basic, Fantasy Grounds (or FG as we like to call it) allows you to play any RPG that you can play around a table. The difference in more "main stream" versus "obscure" RPGs is that the more main stream ones have better automation - but as I said, at the very basic if you can play it around a table you can play it with FG.

    If you haven't done so already, let me encourage you to take a look at some of the great Tutorial Videos available on the Fantasy Grounds Wiki (and on YouTube). Damn's are good, as are Xorn's, and people seem to like mine as well (mine are also available from the links in my sig, below).

    Start with the ones on the CoreRPG, because the CoreRPG forms the foundation of just about all the RPGs we play with Fantasy Grounds - so by learning how to use FG with the CoreRPG you'll learn about 80% of what you'll need to know to play any RPG with Fantasy Grounds. Once you've gone through the CoreRPG Videos you can then go on to Videos about your chosen RPG.

    When you get familiar with the basic Fantasy Grounds product the next step is to check out some of the Extensions (Plug-Ins) for FG, such as the DOE: Sound, DOE: Locations, DOE: Weather and DOE: Organisations Extensions (to name a but a few).

    And keep on asking questions - we're a pretty friendly lot here, and we love answering questions.


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    WOOT! <3

    ok. Big silly family, next step is to go look at pricing. Thank you very much, and I'm sure we'll be chatting a lot in the coming months.

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    Hey Bob, Don't let the cost confuse you. There are lots of options and ways you can buy in, but it really comes down to two things to ask yourself.
    1) perpetual or subscription license
    2) individual (standard) licenses for everyone or a "ultimate" license for the GM

    Subscription licenses are a low upfront cost for you and or your players, but you have to pay it every month.
    Perpetual licenses are a one time cost and you get to use it indefinitely. In the past, FG has included major revision changes for free to current license holders, but their is talk of a minor upgrade fee when the unity rebuild comes out (new platform, no timeline). I'm not concerned with this though, FG has the best customer focused business practices of any company I've ever been a customer of.

    A Standard license lets you host or join a game. Those that join must have a Standard or Ultimate license.
    Ultimate license lets you join or host a game. Anyone, including a free/demo user can join your game.

    Problems? See; How to Report Issues, Bugs & Problems
    On Licensing & Distributing Community Content
    Community Contributions: Gemstones, 5E Quick Ref Decal, Adventure Module Creation, Dungeon Trinkets, Balance Disturbed, Dungeon Room Descriptions
    Note, I am not a SmiteWorks employee or representative, I'm just a user like you.

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