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    [LFG][5e] 1 Player, DM'ed enough and would like to play

    tl;dr: Wanna play on Fantasy Grounds, 5th Ed, weekly. Times available below.

    Hey everyone, I'm currently looking for a group that is going to play 5th Edition D&D on Fantasy Grounds, with myself as a player. I have joined these forums but the ways to look for games on here displays that applications are flooded much like Roll20 or have times I view to be too few hours of playtime or unattainable hours. I've been a DM for awhile, and I'm used to the rules quite a bit. However, with Fantasy Grounds, I'm super new. I would love to use this program and play with an invested group; please consider me for your game.

    • Experience: 3 months DMing 5th Edition, sparse player experience in 5th Edition as well as other systems, 1.5 years DMing Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition
    • Times Available (In CST): Mon - Sat, 7:30 PM - 4:00 AM
    • Desired Roles: Any role needed. If open to any role, I would like to try as a Wizard I already have in my mind, or a Cleric. No homebrew necessary (open to options though).
    • RPG Attitude: I'm a heavy roleplayer, semiserious and non-metagamer. I am enthusiastic as well as honest about how I feel, but I do everything I can to not be a **** about it if I have a bad experience. I want to see everyone have fun. I love descriptions of scenery and actions, and I'm actively creative with gameplay.

    Here is a character idea I would like to try. There are others but this one is prevalent in my mind.

    Attachment 18457
    Butterfly "Bebe" Bralea, Human Wizard, 13 years old. Learned magic from her studies funded by her parents, whom were a skilled wizard Mother and a messenger father. Bebe was rather mature for her age, and would often lie about it to get places. While mature, her shyness was very prevalent in larger public spaces with many new people. She is prone to stuttering, talking under her breath, and speaking so low that only the sharpest ear could catch it. With this, she has a tendency to be dragged into events she did not want to participate in and is too polite to decline.

    Her parents had a secret relationship since before her birth; they both left their families to find seclusion in the woods far from the nearest town, as their relationships would not be accepted by eachother's families. Her mother's family was unapproving of anyone nonstudious, and her father's family was against having magic users in their family. Both decided that since they were both adults and in a deep and unending love, they would build their own house and raise a child together, away from their hateful relatives.

    As Bebe grew up, the father would bring home spellbooks from his travels, and her Mother would teach her things in magic. Bebe was really shy due to sheltering from her family, and grew her hair in her face while covering up in thick robes with mitts on her hands and a witch hat on her head. One night, her mother was summoned for some purpose by a messenger that was not her father, and Bebe was told, "Stay home and wait for your father, Butterfly." Bebe ignored this and followed shortly after. Unable to find her mother, she returned home. The next few hours passed and her father came home, and noticed the mother was not there. He did not know where she would be, and searched for weeks. Eventually he gave in to depression. At this point, Bebe was a prodigy in magic, much like her mother, and decided to set out on a journey to find her. She left a note saying "I will find mother. Whatever it takes, I want us to be a happy family again. Love, Bebe". She took her mother's old pack and an unfinished spellbook, as well as a few supplies, and left in the night.

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    I have an open spot on my Monday game, it starts at 7pm PST, so that falls within your available time.

    Hit me up on the discord server to discuss more if interested.

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    What is your discord server name? Sorry if I had missed your response, I am not familiar with these forums.

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