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    Symbaroum extension and module - still under construction

    As a few people might know I am working on an extension for the morecore ruleset and also a module for Symbaroum.

    While the extension is mainly a theme and rules mechanic I want to extent it with a module that includes also some game data. Not enough to be played without the books but enough to make games and game preparation easier for the GM.

    At the moment the Alpha looks like that:

    It features all Abilities, Monstrous Abilities, Traits, Mystical Powers, Rituals, Weapons, Armors and Elixirs from the Core Book. It also has the Adversaries - but only Cultural Beings so far.
    So still some work to do.

    The Adventure THE PROMISED LAND is uploaded in Post #9
    The Advanced Players Guide is uploaded to Post #10

    As promised no here are the first files to look at:
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    Last edited by Imiri; July 14th, 2017 at 13:35. Reason: Link to Advanced Players Guide in Post #10

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    Looks great so far Imiri! How can I get the 0.3 version to play around with?

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    That's awesome, Imiri! Thank you so much for your hard work!

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    Thank you very much.
    you could get it immediately and I will definitely need some testers soon.

    But so far it is best on the not published next morecore version 1.39 which by itself is based on the next CoreRPG or FG Version - so after those are out.

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    I did start with THE PROMISED LAND yesterday and it makes a good progress.
    Was also able to fix a buf in the graphical display of the rolls thanks to damned.

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    I Uploaded the Extension and the Player and GM Modules of the Core Book to the first post.
    To be used with Morecore 1.39 and above.

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    I will give the adventure THE PROMISED LAND a try this weekend or the one after before I upload it here. So please be patient.

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    Thanks for the great test game on Saturday Imiri! The MoreCore extension is staring to look really good. Very much looking forward to more of it!

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    The promissed land

    Here the version of the introduction adventure THE PROMISSED LAND without the maps - those are to big in file size to upload here.

    UPDATE: maps are now included
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    Last edited by Imiri; July 14th, 2017 at 11:15. Reason: included the maps as images

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    Advanced Players Guide

    After some radio silence there is a new module:

    The Advanced Players Guide - Boons and Burdens, Traits, Abilities, Mysitical Powers and Rituals - so far non of the Equipment.
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