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Thread: Pendragon

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    After a quick search I found some references to a Pendragon ruleset. I am wondering if anything became of them?


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    Hi Martin

    I have a working Pendragon ruleset which I am 'play testing' at the moment with my own group. The ruleset is fairly complete, but is a little raw around the edges. I'd be glad to show you and garner more feedback.

    Recently, I wrote a Pendragon diceroller script for the MoreCore ruleset and damned very kindly incorporated it along with a fantastic looking MoreCore Pendragon theme. You can check it out here:


    The MoreCore Pendragon theme should enable you to run a Pendragon game on FG. I am currently incorporating some further tweaks to the theme to tailor the character and NPC sheets more to the game. I'm also building some pre-gens to go with the theme. However, work and RL have been distracting me from both projects...

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    That would be great. I am a huge Pendragon fan and everyone I know loves the system. I am sure it would be popular and would love to help test it for you.

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    Www.bundleofholding.com currently has two PDF bundles for sale that will give you pretty much all of the rules and adventures for a pretty low price.
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    Any news about the Pendragon classical ruleset?

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