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    Rusty D&D player looking for a 5E group to pick up playing again


    I'm a guy in my 30's basically looking for a group to play at most once a week, at least once a month with. My DM recently passed away and was kinda still wanting to play...but I don't have the time to really organize games myself. So i figured I'd put myself out there to the internet to see if I could find any groups that would be willing to take me in. I'm a novice to 5E and I have no issues using voice chat programs. You would just need to be patient with me if I don't know the rules inside and out. I'm willing to jump in the middle of games if you're want...but I would prefer a fresh start if at all possible. Feel free to respond to this forum post if interested...I'll have my days available to play and what time zone I'm in below. Thanks.

    -5 GMT, Eastern

    Tuesday Evenings, 7:30-Midnight
    Wednesday All day
    Friday Evenings, 7:30-Midnight
    Sat-Sunday; will need to know time to plan around it.


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    Sorry to hear about your friend Nemthias.

    You might have a look at FG Con 10 - try some things other than D&D too - you never know you might really enjoy something different.
    You will as well meet other players and GMs which can lead to more gaming opportunities.

    And lastly keep an active eye on this form (visit daily) and apply to those games that fit your schedule.

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