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    Anyone else seeing garbage characters in alias?

    Not sure when this started, but in the launch screen I'm now seeing random garbage characters at the end of my alias. It hasn't impacted the ability of my players to connect to the host, so it's strictly an aesthetic issue. But I thought I should report it anyway. Screenshot attached.

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    No, I haven't but it should obviously not be there and could be an indication of a problem that hasn't reared it's head yet, although I have not idea what that might be.
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    If it's sporadic, it could be a fleeting network issue. They happen from time to time.
    If it's consistent and you are the only one seeing it, it could be caused by an overactive security program messing with HTTP request/response conversations.
    If it's consistent and more people are seeing it, we need to check the server.

    I'm hoping for one of the first two.


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    I've seen it while I was hosting from my laptop last spring while I was home visiting my parents. I just generated a new alias and never saw it again.
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    We have seen anti-virus programs inject garbage like that for license keys and usernames in Settings before. Please review your a/v settings and add Fantasy Grounds as an exception.

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    Was having something similar with my Setting and Launch Screen yesterday. I was doing a clean install of Fantasy Grounds and it happened. Reboot fixed it.

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