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    LFG, 1 player, Fri or Sat evenings, PST.

    FG License: ultimate
    Time Zone: PST
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Friday or Saturday evenings. Weekly preferred.
    Term: Long term preferred, but any will do.
    Voice: Voice. I've got Skype and Discord, but I'm will to get other programs.

    Game System Preferred: ...any, really. I'd love to play a BESM, Palladium RIFTS or Phase World, or 3.5e gestalt game, though.
    Game System Experience: D&D 5e, 3.5e, Palladium RIFTS, BESM.
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: ...Maybe an hour's worth. The one game I've been able to set up ended because the GM had sudden computer problems and never restarted.

    Character Type Preferred: I'll fit any role, though I'd love to play one of my ultimate concepts for the systems mentioned.
    About me: 'Lo all. I'm just looking for a nice game that's a mix of 50/50 action/RP. I like building the character with a good, solid backstory and motivations, and working through some issues for him in between some good old fashioned battles. As a person I'm pretty laid back and easy going, so I won't be clashing overmuch with the other players.

    Hope to hear from ya!

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    Sign up for a session at FG Con 10 - you will triple your game time count and you will make contacts that might lead to more opportunities down the road.

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    Only one that looks interesting is already full.

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    Im interested! I am looking to play only 5e though... already have a few characters rolled up

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