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    Custom Class to Module


    I did a quick google search and a search on the forum but I didn't see anything on this; it's probably a popular question though.

    I made a custom class and would like to know how to turn that into a module.

    To be clear I made the class in fantasy grounds but I can't seem to export or turn it into a module for use in other campaigns.

    Is there any guide on this or am I missing something obvious?

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    Why not? Just use the export tool and select Classes and any other bits you have created.
    Also watch Zacchaues video on the subject.

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    Oh I see, there are a few things that are just going funky, but basically options I saw last week vanished this week or had odd requirements before they popped up on the right click menu.

    Thanks for the help... not sure why it's being so goofy.

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    No I didn't, nothings been tweaked in any way that I'm aware of. The game is running vanilla with no extensions or anything.

    I'm going to devote today to doing some research on this, there's probably something I missed that may be behind the issues I've been having.

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