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    Problems (Bug?) With Regeneration

    From Discord:

    Balkoth - Yesterday at 8:03 PM
    does regen in FG not stop when hit by the appropriate damage?
    Hatorade/Drakonin - Yesterday at 10:11 PM
    It should, but I have noticed that it doesn't always. Haven't messed with it enough to know why it doesn't sometimes.
    Balkoth - Yesterday at 10:34 PM
    March 30, 2017
    Balkoth - Today at 9:44 AM
    yeah, I had a troll with "Regen: 5 acid or fire"
    was getting hit with fireballs (with the fire descriptor), scorching rays (also with fire descriptor), and flaming arrows from a bow (also fire damage specifically spelled out)
    kept regenning anyway, made me wonder why not do the regen manually if the auto regen keeps ticking
    Balkoth - Today at 1:51 PM
    @Zacchaeus @Raddu_Smiteworks If you have any idea what might be going on any input would be appreciated.
    Zacchaeus - Today at 1:52 PM
    I'm not sure about 3.5 effects
    But on the CT the line should be REGEN:5 acid,fire
    So it sounds like the effect isn't being set up correctly
    Balkoth - Today at 1:56 PM
    the default troll from the bestiary says:
    REGEN: 5 acid or fire
    as the default effect
    changing the effect to REGEN: 5 acid,fire isn't helping
    [DAMAGE (M)] MW Short Sword Fire [EFFECTS 4d6] [TYPE: piercing, magic (5d6+2=19)] [TYPE: fire, magic (1d6=4)]
    that's the damage being dealt to it
    you can see the "TYPE: fire" bit
    that should shut down the regen
    Zacchaeus - Today at 1:59 PM
    Well, as I say I'm not familiar with 3.5. The effect I noted above is how 5e does it
    Balkoth - Today at 1:59 PM
    this is how the 3.5 wiki claims it should be done. and it's how smiteworks set up the default bestiary
    but it doesn't seem to be working correctly
    Zacchaeus - Today at 2:01 PM
    I suggest you report it as a bug then in the appropriate forum.
    Balkoth - Today at 2:01 PM
    all right

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    From my tests with it, the regen will continue to happen unless the GM toggles it off. I don't know if that is a bug or not, but that's the work around that I use.
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    This was never implemented for Pathfinder. I am looking at the code now, and I should have a patch in the next beta v3.3.0 push.


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