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    Brand new game system

    I am deep into development of a new tabletop rpg that has some very unique rules. For example instead of d20s it is d100 based and instead of rolling for a saving throw the save is a static defensive stat the attacker must overcome. With these and quite a few new rules to the tabletop genre, is fantasy grounds capable of being adapted to it like any other table top rpg?

    If so, what resources would I need to begin learning how to create the core rules, classes and other mechanics within a module that can be packaged as a complete unit?

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    Welcome to the forums Wardonis

    Check out the CoreRPG ruleset and the excellent MoreCore ruleset that is designed especially to cater for multiple different RPG systems.


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    I agree with Trenloe that MoreCore is a very good option if you are not experienced in programming or do not want to put the time into learning and developing a ruleset for your game (an endeavour that easily could amount to 400 hours or more of time). MoreCore is quite flexible.

    On the other hand, if you do want to make a customized ruleset, you can find the developer guides listed under the help menu of the FG frontpage and plenty of people to give you guidance along the path of your endeavour.
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