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    steam Ultimate upgrade problem


    On steam I just purchased;
    Fantasy Grounds Ultimate License
    Includes 2 items: Fantasy Grounds, Fantasy Grounds - Ultimate Upgrade

    copied both keys to the clipboard.
    I launched the FG played around a little. Then I activated the license, closed it.
    I launched again and clicked the box upgrade to ultimate and I get a web page pop us asking me to purchase it.

    Not sure where I am not doing something correctly please advise.

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    Hey Step, welcome.

    I don't use Steam, so someone with exact knowledge will jump in soon, but until then let me tell you what I think you need to do.

    From what I've heard, you just need to use the upgrade key in the license key field. Once you enter that, run an Update in FG and you should be good. How you can tell is in the top right corner of the launcher window it will show something like this (i.e. "Ultimate");

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    Thanks for the reply
    adding more detail so maybe a steam guy has more specific detail.

    The first time I launched there was an activate license button. I chose it and entered the basic license.
    the second time I launch I do not see an activate license button, but a button that is for upgrade.

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    From the launch screen, click on Settings and then replace the standard license key with the new Ultimate license key. Run an update and it should say ULTIMATE next to the version # on the upper right of your launch screen.

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    Thanks =)

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