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    Player looking for D&D 5E game to join, start, play.


    I'm new to the whole Fantasy Grounds thing. I join a single game for one night and had a lot of fun. I missed having rules and the role of the dice while risking it all. Most of the RP I have done has been free form through the f-list site. Now before you go running away, I'm not looking for that sort of game.

    I like the idea of my character being somewhat like Red Sonja, just not nearly as tough. I'm very descriptive with my actions and I have fun losing as much as winning. I would like to try some single session solo play a few times before I join a group. Its just a comfort level thing with me, want to ease back into the whole D&D thing. I'm open to most types of RP, even if I'm the heroine in peril begging for her life. All I ask is the GM be open minded.

    Please send me a message if you would like to RP together. Let me know what you like out of an RP, and what makes it fun for you.

    I'm free most Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays PST or GMT -8 all day.

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    I hope you are doing well today.

    I have similar availability, and desires for a group. If you happen to find a DM, or a group that would allow two or more, please keep me in mind.

    Below I have pasted my previous post, as I am lazy. Please feel free to share, and if you wish I will also keep you in mind if I happen to find a group, or DM willing to take on new players.

    FG License: Standard. If I can get enough experience I may buy Ultimate and DM.
    Time Zone: -4 GMT, EDT. I am more than willing to play with folks around GMT 0, or GMT+5 ish, because I can play in the afternoon, morning or evening.
    Day(s): Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If it is a campaign, I prefer a set time frame. I can work other things around game time given a 10 day notice. Once a time is set, I can maintain the same schedule.
    Term: Long term, one-shot, multi session campaign.
    Voice: I am familiar with Discord, and if it will run on a tablet, I can use it. So far discord works perfectly on my tablet.

    Game System Preferred: 5E(for now).
    Game System Experience: I have only played 5E so far.
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: New to Fantasy Grounds, only played a one shot so far, but it was easy enough.

    Character Type Preferred: Wizard, Cleric, Rogue, in that order.
    About me: I don't have a lot of RPG experienced, but I have learned the mechanics of fantasy grounds quickly so far. I would like more experience, and maybe even a regular campaign. I am quiet until I am comfortable. I love to laugh, and make inappropriate jokes, but I try not to be too offensive. Mature, stable, capable of asking questions and thinking of unique ways of using the tools at hand.
    In real life I speak, read and write two languages. I am an introvert for the most part, and I am unfortunately capable at understanding people. My job involves explaining to people that make 5x my salary that I do in fact know more about my portion of the business than they do, and that I am there to support them, and their needs, not just to report them to their boss when they can't follow up.
    In D&D I am looking to laugh, and have fun while bending to forces of creation in order to set the world on fire, or smiting the godless. Depending upon the class I play.

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    I'll let you know what I find Jason.

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