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    Effect for Extra Damage from Attacks?

    Is there an effect possible that can force a character to take extra damage from a specific kind of attack? Basically RESIST: -2 Fire. Positive values are working fine to reduce damage taken, but I was hoping to increase damage dealt of a certain kind in the same manner. I know VULN exists, but that does 50% more damage, which is too much in the situation I'm wanting. Any ideas?

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    If you're just trying to set them to be vulnerable to a specific kind of attack like increased fire damage (for example), VULN: fire should work per the ruleset. Outside of the established elements/energy, or making them take specific amounts of increased damage, I'm uncertain.

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    Thanks for the reply. I was hoping for negative resist values to work though for limited damage increases. I've yet to find a way to get that to work though.

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    Just added numeric vulnerability effect support to v3.3.0 beta.


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    That sounds promising! I look forward to testing it once it is available.

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