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    [LFP][Gmt-6][Discord] 3/26 8pm Adventures of Asfalorn one shot

    That's will be using the 5e dnd rule set

    I'm looking for 5 players to join in an intro quest for the Asfalorn west marches campaign. This quest will be aimed at level 1 characters. Please have your characters ready before hand. New players are welcome.

    I have an ultimate license so no purchase necessary.

    If you have any questions please check out our subReddit and discord at https://www.reddit.com/r/AdventuresOfAsfalorn/

    In an effort to keep a record of the events in Asfalorn, I would appreciate it if you reply to the reddit post below with a brief description of your character to indicate your interest.

    Marooned, level 1 intro quest 3/26 8pm GMT-6
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    what game system is this?

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    Hi there, The time works for me if you have room for a total beginner. To clarify I have not ever actually played the paper or online version of the game but have a high interest in learning and have to start somewhere.

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    @vhock sorry I forgot to put it on the title. 5e. @ geppeto, I have no problem helping a new player. I do recommend reading up on the rules of fifth edition using the basic rules and downloading the demo version of fantasy grounds. Head on over to our subReddit and discord for some more tips and help.

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