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    Looking for a GM, D&D 5e currently prefered


    I'm more of a solo player, dont do well in groups. But would like to try and play D&D 5e, I have access to all the books. I like the idea of being somewhat like Red Sonja, just not nearly as powerful. Send me a message if you would like more details.

    I like to lose as much as win. All I ask is the GM be open minded.

    I'm free most Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays PST or GMT -8.
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    Hi and welcome Red Sophie.
    D&D is very much a co-operative story telling adventure that is best done in groups. Many groups are very welcoming to new players. You might consider joining up for a game at FG Con 10 to get a feel for hw these things all work.

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    Thank you for the advice Damned. It's been a while since the last time I've RPed with rules, usually just free form. I think I want to just put my feet in before I jump into something.

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    It ain't D&D, but I'm going to be doing some field tests with a Chronicles of Darkness ruleset soon. Though that's more like being a protagonist in a horror movie than an adventure one.

    To be fair, there were a certain number of Conan stories with horror elements. Some of the better ones, in my opinion.

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    I'm willing to try, but I don't have any of the rules. I love to lose as much as win in RPGs so you can be as harsh or nice as you want. All I ask is that we keep an opened mind.

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    Cool. Will send you a message.

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