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    Chat-result Hit/Miss doesnt show what def it targets

    As the title says, currently if the GM has dice rolls hidden, the players can't see what defense is being targeted by attacks. This makes it difficult to utilise some abilities that trigger when certain NADs (non-armor-defences) are targeted.
    Is it possible to have the result show, instead of this "" would it be possible to see something like "Attack [29] -> [at Laughing Shadow Scrabbler 17][FORT] [Hit]"?

    For those finding this thread, Trenloe has graciously provided an extension that handles this. You can find it by clicking here.

    Thanks again Trenloe!
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    Yes, I fully support this request. I want to know what Defenses are hit so I can know whether to use AC boosting utilities or some other solution.

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    Agree, this is needed

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    Doesn't that defeat the purpose of hiding the dice rolls?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zacchaeus View Post
    Doesn't that defeat the purpose of hiding the dice rolls?
    Depends on what you feel the hidden dice roll is supposed to hide.
    In my experience at normal (real) game tables, the DM hides the rolls, so the players can't know what the attack bonus of the enemy is, it's supposed to make things a bit more exciting with the unknown, "how good is he?" vs just, "Oh he has only a +xx bonus, just rolled well and that's all...". If you hide the roll and just show the result, it could be for a bad roll and good stats or for a good roll and bad stats, so the players don't know if the enemy is actually a worthy foe or just a henchman.

    Now the Defense that is being targeted is a vital mechanic in 4e, a lot of interrupt powers depend on the player knowing what's happening, or else they can't even decide if they COULD use a certain power, that may, for example have a trigger like "If an attack hits your Will defense"... If they don't know which defense was even targeted, they don't even get the choice if they want to use their power or not, which in turn defeats the purpose of having such a power in the first place.

    As a compromise I'd say, give the DM an option to hide the targeted defense if he really wants to "hide rolls" and everything, but it should only be an option, not the basic mechanic of the VT.
    Maybe try to see it from this point of view: If a DM wants to be fair to a player who has a defensive power/feature and let them know that the attack targeted, but still doesn't want the players to get the immediate strength level of their opponent, right now he only has the choice to actually tell them (in chat window or via other communication devices) what the attack targeted, which in turn means more work for the DM. That can't be the solution here.

    Just my two cents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zacchaeus View Post
    Doesn't that defeat the purpose of hiding the dice rolls?
    Not really, it's similar to a DM in 5e having the hit result announced at all, in 4e though, instead of one universal AC, there is 4 Defenses.

    In a pnp game, the DM would roll (behind a screen, if hiding) and say something to the tune of "Ok, so this is a total of 22 vs, your Reflex" and the player would say if it hits or misses based on their defense.
    In the example I give, the roll would still be hidden, the result would not show what modifiers etc, it would simply state which defense it's targeting alongside the total roll.

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    Do not use the attached extension any more. The functionality is included in FG v3.3.0.

    Give the attached extension a go. Let me know if this helps.

    Copy the file 4E Display Defense in Attack Result.ext to your <FG app data>\extensions directory. Then load up a 4E campaign and enable the 4E Display Defense in Attack Result extension.

    There are no options for this, enabling this extension puts the defense targeted for the attack in the attack result string like this: "Attack [29][vs. Fort] -> [at Laughing Shadow Scrabbler 17][Hit]"?
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    That works, and it works beautifully!

    This guys, this is why Fantasy Grounds has the best community.

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    Thanks to Trenloe, I'll be including his change in beta v3.3.0 later this week.


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    That's awesome news Moon Wizard. Thanks

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