New public test version of the ruleset is available. To get access to the public testing version switch your Fantasy Grounds to Test Mode in the Settings view and run the updater. More information about public test version can be found from here. Use this thread to post any findings regarding the v4.4 ruleset and other related products. By using the public test version and reporting any findings, bugs and challenges you're help us to improve the quality of SavageWorlds products and thus all help is appreciated!

The update contains following changes so far

Savage Worlds ruleset
  • [Feature] Improvements to campaign records
  • [Feature] GM Tools window can be resized
  • [Feature] Card Deck and Bennies tool can be added to desktop by right clicking on it and selecting "Add to Desktop"
  • [Feature] In weapon sheet range, rof, shots and minstr fields are not showed for Melee typed weapon
  • [Feature] NPC and vehicle sheets from modules display read-only icon
  • [Feature] Improvements to /version command
  • [Feature] Improvements to library windows
  • [Feature] New filter options for sidebar Edges, Hindrances and Skills
  • [Feature] Races, Skills, Powers, Edges, Hindrances, etc. records can be shared with right click menu option
  • [Bug] Rolling power from CT entry displayed "Unskilled" even if character had the skill
  • [Bug] CT didn't check Deadlands: Reloaded human abilities correctly
  • [Bug] Library equipment list had massive height
  • [Bug] Library equipment list did not display notes properly
  • [Bug] Skills, Edges, Hindrances etc. could not be added to sheet by dragging from link inside the record
  • [Bug] Bonuslist's label was not updated when source name changed
  • [Dev] AttributeManager script added
  • [Dev] RulesetManager script added
  • [Dev] SkillManager.getLinkedAttribute function refactored to support different sources
  • [Dev] ChatManager.registerVersionMessage function deprecated. No need to explicitely register extension versions anymore
  • [Dev] Global script deprecated

Deadlands: Reloaded

  • [Feature] Improvements to Power sheet
  • [Feature] Defeated Marker feature added to Humans and Critters
  • [Feature] Human sheets from modules display read-only icon
  • [Bug] Human was not included into default sidebar set
  • [Bug] Cannot award fate chips from character selection screen
  • [Bug] Combat Tracker propted soak button for NPC although it doesn't work
  • [Bug] Combat Tracker script errors
  • [Bug] Chase Tracker visual issues
  • [Dev] Codebase remastered to use ruleset layering