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    Ritual Filter in Spells

    I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place for this or not.

    In the Spells list it appears you can enter a spell name and can set a filter for the Level and/or the Source (in this case source means class lists). I have not been able to find a way to filter a search for ritual only. Is there a method I am missing and if not is this where I would request such a feature?


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    There isn't a way to filter for a ritual spell. No spell has a ritual tag so it wouldn't be possible to filter for it anyway. Feature requests can be added to the wish list (which someone might put up the link for since I can't right now)
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    I'm not certain what you mean by it not having a tag. There is a check box (circle) in the spells though I don't know that it has any effect beyond aappending "(Ritual)" to the Level/School line. Anyway I assume that could be used as a starting point for filtering Ritual as Yes, No, or no preference.

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