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    Extension Creation Question - Pointer Distance Calculation Editing

    Hi All,

    Returning to Fantasy Grounds after a no-campaign-running haitus; and thoroughly impressed with some of the improvements.

    For the new campaign I'm running, however - we aren't using a grid because of the extremely close-quarters, confined and often organic paths and environments the party deals with; it often makes such maps confusing when having to know whether someone is covered, or not covered, by a wall when their token keeps snapping to a spot they aren't actually at. So, we play with the grid disabled.

    Unfortunately, the pointers and waypoints in Fantasy Grounds won't work without a grid, as it uses the grid to determine the distance-per-pixel.

    Does anyone know where I could go to either change the overall function of it; or simply force the vector calculation to use an arbitrarily (60!) chosen number for said distance? I tend to make my own maps so I can always resize maps to fit the distance the code defaults to in such a case. I've tried looking at current extensions and rulesets for the function itself that I'd have to override, but can't actually find it in either of the image-oriented .lua's in CoreRPG's ruleset file, so I'm not sure exactly what to modify or how to overwrite it.

    Could anyone offer direction or aid?

    - Dingo

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    I think it would be easier to try and change the number of snap points available (and maybe making the grid invisible) that try to calculate distances without a grid.

    Without a grid, you would have to size all your images to the same scale (i.e. so many pixels per unit distance). Do note, that the current distance calculator rounds off to the grid increment (5ft). So, that might have to be addressed as well.

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