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    LFP 1 more 5e 8-12pm MST

    FG License:Normal so you will need normal or ultimate
    Game System: D&D 5e

    Time Zone:MST
    Day of week and time:Thursdays Weekly 8-midnight ish
    Planned Duration & Frequency:4 hour sessions weekly
    Term: Currently working through a module but transitioning to homebrew
    Text or Voice: Voice
    Voice software used:Teamspeak via the FG server

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 50/50 ish
    Number of Players in game & needed: have 3 need 1 more
    Character starting level & equipment:3rd basic starting equipment 1 uncommon magic item under 4k DM's discretion
    Character restrictions:core races and classes, EE allowed no Aarakocra please

    Details of your scenario:We are currently about half way though the lost mines module and transitioning into a home brew.We have in our party a cleric a tanky pally and a rouge and the party is definatly in need of some damage output and utility. This is my first time DMing and I am having a blast! We are a friendly group and keep the conversation usually in the PG 13 range. All/any experience level player is welcome to join just send me a message. Please note though that I am going on vacation at the end of the month for 2 weeks, if I don't respond in a timely fashion in that time frame its likely because i am out of country!

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    I just got the Ultimate license, but am new to FG. Before I start DM'ing, I would appreciate playing as a character first.

    I have many characters already set-up (just practicing with the FG mechanics): 1.) Bard (College of Lore), 2.) Bard (College of Valor), 3.) Fighter (Human who will be a sharpshooter...much damage), 4.) Rogue (second-story man/Thief), 5.) Cleric (Life). I have other characters on paper, but not in FG (easy enough to do). Essentially, I've played and DM'd, but never in FG. There is not a lot of action going on in the town that I moved to, so I'm switching over to this. I can play and RP any class and race, necessary (I'm not partial, really, I will have fun no matter what).

    Give me a PM, and we can see if I'm right for your group.

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    I'd love to play if you're still looking. I've played a couple of different classes and I'd love to play a Druid or a fighter.

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    perfect! I will be contacting both of you, closed for now.

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