I have a level 1 Hybrid Druid (Sentinel)/Assassin (with companion) prepared for 4th edition and a level 1 Druid prepared for 5th edition, details about both below.
My timezone is Central Standard Time, with the exception of saturdays between 6pm and 10pm, I am free for any game.
I'd like to join as many games as possible, as I love D&D and until I recently discovered Fantasy grounds I only ever got to play one campaign of 4E 2 years ago.
I'm not interested in campaigns with little to no RP, there has to be 40% or more RP.
I have the full version of the game, I'm looking for long term campaigns, and I am fine with both voice and text.

For 4th edition I have these books:
Adventurer's Vault
Dungeon Master's Guide
Manual of the Planes
Martial Power
Monster Manual
Player's Handbook
Player's Handbook 2
War of the Burning Sky Player's Guide
I also have access to the D&D Insider Compendium.
As well as modules.

For 5th edition I have these books:
Player's Handbook
Monster Manual
I also have the Fantasy Grounds - D&D Complete Core Class Pack

Both characters share the same name and backstory, the 5e version being based off of the 4e version.
4e - Eoin Lynne - Hybrid Druid (Sentinel)/Assassin - Created using the D&D Insider Character Creator - Rolled for Ability Scores - Uses some skills from Dragon Magazines - Unseelie Agent Theme
5e - Eoin Lynne - Druid - Created using the Character Manager from Fantasy Grounds - Ability Scores chosen using point buy - Player's Handbook only - Sage