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    A simple question in regards to the Magic Item Forge

    Hello everyone. I'm a lurker here but a long time user of Fantasy Grounds and with a software background I've decided to delve into the innards of our beloved VTT and work on a few modules. I was curious as to the accessibility of the item forge to PCs. Is there anyway they can access the magic item forge or is that something that I may have to try to implement as an extension. I have a alchemy, herbalism, and poisons module in the works and was hoping to utilize player side crafting. Any help would be appreciated. -Jake

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    Hey Jake, glad you emerged from the shadows

    Don't know the answer to your question, but just wanted to make sure you were welcomed.

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    Hey jmillerliveit load a second instance of FG up on your computer and connect to server localhost so that you can see the player view of the world.

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    Hi jmiller and welcome to FG. As damned says load up another instance and you'll see what the players can and cannot do. You'll likely have found out by now that this isn't something that the players can do. Of necessity DM tools are kept well out of reach of pesky players otherwise they'd be making themselves the ultimate sword of Doom or something.
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    I appreciate the answers and I do on occasion run with localhost to check functionality and do quick scenario playthroughs. The access to the item forges abilities would be restricted by the magic item templates and the modules I allow them access to. It would be rather hilarious though if a player did come out swinging with one of those absurdities that forge can make. Thanks again everyone. I will probably be releasing an extension on the forums when complete for client side crafting of alchemical potions, elixirs, tonics and poisons for downtime fun.

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