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    Easy way to organize Story Groups?

    So I was creating a campaign setting module to help me organize my adventures easier, and created a whole bunch of groups to sort them by chapters. However, I didn't account that when I exported the module, it'd actually still list the chapters when I open it up, and adds to the clutter of the Story Groups that I'll be making. Can I somehow easily sort my Story groups by their respective sources, or perhaps quickly edit the module so it all falls under one group? I have something like 80 odd entries, so the prospect of opening each one to drag into a new group to export it is a bit of a hassle.

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    00 ~ Chapter 1
    00A ~ section 1
    01 ~ Chapter 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by amcog View Post
    Can I somehow easily sort my Story groups by their respective sources...
    If you have multiple groups in a single module the recommendation is to prepend each group name with a short abbreviation of the module name. For example, if you're creating something for a module called "The Deep Dark Dungeon" then you might use TDDD or DDD in front of your group names. e.g. "DDD - Chapter 1"
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    Once you update the group names in your development campaign, check out the part of the attachment in post #1 here about updating modules. https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...Best-Practices

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    Thanks for the response. I'll definitely be checking out your guide, LordEntrails. Thanks for putting it together!

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