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    Quote Originally Posted by Asterionaisien View Post
    Personal experience, more than one person whom I taught how to use FG was surprised that he could not save/export his character.
    Players can save export/characters with the demo version. They do this from within "Manage Characters".

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    I did not know it at all! Well thank you very much, maybe my next games will be easier now..
    I feel like I had something hidden in plain sight.. I almost never play, just DM, so i admit I didn't checked the button once. I feel somewhat stupid
    Really on Fantasy Grounds you never stop to learn.
    Well, then my points on my last post are not valid anymore, anyway I hope you got the "spirit" behind them
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    Of course, Asterionaisien. The dividing line between the Demo and Standard is essentially access to being DM and all that pertains to that, such as being able to read modules. They can still make characters and save them. I could be incorrect, but I think they can even install rulesets, such as a community ruleset, so they can then make characters for it when not connected to the DM. They just can't create a campaign with it.
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    Has anyone managed to import the data from OggDude's tools into the Fantasy Grounds ruleset?

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    I think it is safe to say... "no".

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