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    Looking to form a regular Friday Evening 5E Campaign

    FG License: I have a full license and a lot of module upgrades
    Game System: 5E System

    Time Zone: Eastern USA
    Day of week and time: Friday Night beginning at 7:00pm (Eastern Time Zone) (GMT 12am Midnight)

    This will be my first DM using Fantasy Grounds and in 5E. However, I am very comfortable with both. I led a weekly game years ago but moved away from my group. Now 25 years later I have begun play in FG and have caught the D&D bug again. I have always been a high fantasy geek, so this campaign will feed my addiction.

    Planned Duration & Frequency: Sessions should run 3-5 hours (4) I would like to start meeting each week but eventually will likely move to bi-weekly once the campaign gets is fully rolling. I am a school music teacher and occasionally will need to plan around performances

    Text or Voice: Voice
    Voice software used: I prefer Teamspeak but Ventrillo or Skype are fine too

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 50/50 but I lean toward character development and building the story.
    Number of Players in game & needed: 4-6 No FG experience required. I am a 50 year old so I prefer adults or at least mature folks.
    Character starting level & equipment: We will create characters at the first session and play as a level 0. You will build your character and select your class as we play the first session.
    Character restrictions: All Races & Classes in the Core 5E ruleset. I will also consider the new Volo's races and UA classes & changes.

    Details of your scenario: I have been blessed by good DMs in my initial learning of D&D way back in first edition. They made it feel like we were playing a role in a story. So, I have always thought the story and the character development is what keep the game vital and fun. This is what I am after. (However, nothing is more fun than a ridiculous dungeon crawl too)

    The campaign will be a sandbox in which I hope you will help develop the story as we go. We are in Forgotten Realms on an island off of the sword coast. So, the campaign will be a mix of encounters I have created and modules that I have purchased recently and some old edition modules I am adapting. To begin, all you will need is your race, gender, background, and maybe some beginning notes about your character history. (As in depth as you want or not.) I am up for some of the some of the new background in DM Guild if you like.

    Link to Gamecalendar page:
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