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    Help in homebrew equip

    Hello guys, my DM is creating some homebrew equipments and weapons.
    I was trying to find some homebrew monk equipments to increase the unarmed damage and I found this: https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Leathe...(5e_Equipment)
    But my DM said that this doesn't make sense because if the monk uses a gauntlet he will lose his accuracy and blabla (didn't understand but okay) but he said if I came up with a good idea of equip that makes sense for monk he can let me use.
    So I need your help
    Do you guys have any idea?

    sorry for poor english

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    I can understand why your DM would disallow the gauntlets from a balance perspective. From 5th level onward, their damage outperforms every other monk weapon, despite weighing only 1/4 pound and allowing you to hold objects (even other weapons!) in your hands.

    Another route would be to sacrifice some offensive power for some defense. For example:

    2 sp
    1d4 bludgeoning damage
    2 lb.
    Light, finesse
    These wooden implements are used for fast attacks and can be spun to parry incoming strikes. When two tonfa are used together by a Monk, they can act as a shield that provides a +1 bonus to Armor Class. Using tonfa this way does not prevent the Monk from gaining the benefits of their Unarmored Defense.

    Your DM may consider this too powerful, as well. After all, the Monk's high base AC is balanced by their inability to use shields or armor, and this could push their armor class higher than the DM is comfortable with. As a general rule, any weapons not listed in the PHB should just duplicate the stats of an existing weapon. The designers put a lot of thought into how much damage the various simple and martial weapons could do, and how their abilities make them stack up in comparisons. If you want to make homebrew weapons, any extra abilities they have should be balanced by making them weaker than similar weapons overall.

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    Hm.. Okay
    But my DM's problem isn't from a balance perspective. For him a monk using gauntlets just doesn't make sense, so he allowed me to create another item with similar status, but it needs to make sense for him

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    Or nunchacku, or what ever other martial arts weapon you want to call it. Just use the same stats as a shortsword or club and change the damage type to piercing, slashing, bludgeoning as appropriate. I'm pretty sure the PHB already says you can do this. That there is just no reason/need to make separate stats for every type of weapon mankind has ever created.

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    I can see the unbalance rather than the 'doesn't make sense'

    Gloves, gauntlets etc can be used as a weapon - old editions (look at Arms and Equip Guide) allow tiger claws, nekode, claw bracer all to be worn and used by monks.
    But they do damage, why would they do more as you got higher level (increase monk by one level, why ? ) they do damage, 1d4, 1d6, you decide
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    Not sure why your DM has a problem with those gauntlets because as far as I can see you would do less damage by wearing them that you would without them. If you use any weapon then you can't strike with these so that means you don't get any additional unarmed strikes. So your Ki points become useless. If you have a shortsword equipped for example all you would get would be one attack for 1d6 damage. You wouldn't be able to make an unarmed strike nor could you use Ki points to do a Flurry of Blows.

    If you use them without a weapon then certainly you'd be doing additional damage 1d6's instead of 1d4's but not terribly sure that would unbalance things. Thematically though I can see the problem - at least as far as the 5e monk is concerned since there are no hand weapons as such, like in previous versions of D&D.
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