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    A bit of randomness (gold) for critters.

    So, I've been playing with random tables/templates and I was wondering. Is it possible to generate a encounter of random creatures and each creature has a random amount of coin (gp/sp/etc) that is added to the encounter. Basically what I am looking for is tables that will generate the encounter+loot parcel.

    Something like Each orc would get 2d12sp, 3d10cp, goblins would get 1d6 sp and 2d10 cp, stuff like that. I'm just having problems figuring out how to generate coin loot based on random monsters.


    If there is a mod out there that does this (and works with free stuff) that I can look at please point me at it and I'll go check it out.

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    You can generate an encounter OR a parcel from a table, but not both. You can also use the random encounters feature to create encounters.

    In order to do anything different, it would require an extension.


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